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i've gone too far, maybe by LillyGeneva i've gone too far, maybe :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 3 0 Why did this take me 9 hours to finish by LillyGeneva Why did this take me 9 hours to finish :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 3 0 Magical Sonics by LillyGeneva Magical Sonics :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 4 0 Egg Dio - the drawing nobody expected by LillyGeneva Egg Dio - the drawing nobody expected :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 3 5 Rainbow Power Silver 2: Electric Boogaloo by LillyGeneva Rainbow Power Silver 2: Electric Boogaloo :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 1 0 Regret by LillyGeneva Regret :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 1 0 Experimentation at it's finest by LillyGeneva Experimentation at it's finest :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 2 0 Dusty with colors by LillyGeneva Dusty with colors :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 3 0 Wiggity wiggity what's up dude bros by LillyGeneva Wiggity wiggity what's up dude bros :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 7 0 Blaze The Hawk by LillyGeneva Blaze The Hawk :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 4 0 *Gasps in color* by LillyGeneva *Gasps in color* :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 0 0 *Gasp* by LillyGeneva *Gasp* :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 2 0 Background and foreground and prospective test by LillyGeneva Background and foreground and prospective test :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 3 0 More Riders Redesigns by LillyGeneva More Riders Redesigns :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 5 0 Just a drawing of Dianna being Dianna by LillyGeneva Just a drawing of Dianna being Dianna :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 2 0 Don't fall into the water, Sonic! by LillyGeneva Don't fall into the water, Sonic! :iconlillygeneva:LillyGeneva 4 0
Just some stuff that I have recently made.

I must admit, that at least half of the stuff I have made has been made while I've had a headache. :I


My Little Ponyepic 3 by PhoenixPeregrine My Little Ponyepic 3 :iconphoenixperegrine:PhoenixPeregrine 49 0 BOOM DAMN EPIC by Gatoh721 BOOM DAMN EPIC :icongatoh721:Gatoh721 34 0 Princess of the Fright by Karzahnii Princess of the Fright :iconkarzahnii:Karzahnii 1,552 240 Eat it Up by Karzahnii Eat it Up :iconkarzahnii:Karzahnii 4,468 458 Heart of Stone by Karzahnii Heart of Stone :iconkarzahnii:Karzahnii 2,324 235 Apples to Oranges by Karzahnii Apples to Oranges :iconkarzahnii:Karzahnii 5,603 565 Appledress by Karzahnii Appledress :iconkarzahnii:Karzahnii 3,633 392 Just Satan by thegreatrouge Just Satan :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 2,893 536 Cactus by NanoMortis Cactus :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 6,372 335 Lets Race Ace by HeyItsFia Lets Race Ace :iconheyitsfia:HeyItsFia 7 0 Another Side of Conquest by mimicteixeira Another Side of Conquest :iconmimicteixeira:mimicteixeira 85 23 slang 5 by mimicteixeira slang 5 :iconmimicteixeira:mimicteixeira 167 12 peridot and lazuli and a worried cinnamon roll by Dilutra peridot and lazuli and a worried cinnamon roll :icondilutra:Dilutra 183 4 Mindful Education spoilers by mimicteixeira Mindful Education spoilers :iconmimicteixeira:mimicteixeira 165 14 Doesn't Need Shades by Woarel Doesn't Need Shades :iconwoarel:Woarel 24 5 I love you this much by Woarel I love you this much :iconwoarel:Woarel 30 0
Just some art that I like. Heck, you guys might even like it! ^-^


This is my first critique so it might not be the best in the book. I really like this because of the Crystal effect on Crissi, which I ...


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i've gone too far, maybe
So, I thought of a silly joke about how Dio from Jojo does that "Mudamudamuda" thing, and it's literally him saying "useless" over and over again, and all I could think of is silver saying "It's no use!" 

additionally do you ever just hate yourself for drawing something? cause i do

he's so buff, i hate it

Sega and.... Rocky? I think that is the guy who does jojo?
Why did this take me 9 hours to finish
i'm so tired

i had a test for school to do this morning and then i did this afterwards cause i was super hype,
 and now i'm about to frgnen fall aslep

i put more effort into this than i shouldve caus e this is a joke art i did, i'm gonna cry

why was this the only image i've done fully in the sa2 art style

gosh dang it

i should've taken a nap but here i am

Magical Sonics
I found a prompt generator which was a magical girl concept generator, and I got Sonic Pixie and Brash Pixie as names from it, and....The rest went on from there, and.... I don't know, most of my art nowadays has been joke art. But like... Joke art that has no right being drawn as well as it is. 

I have a test tomorrow, and I'm behind on my schoolwork anyway, I really ought to be doing that instead of spending an hour on this, but here I am. I might color that sonic, though. Bright colors and shininess, and shading. Make an icon out of it or something. yea

i still can't draw hands or birds though, ought to work on that

Sega and me for being a dingus who has no impulse control and drawing ridiculous things. :thumbsup:
Egg Dio - the drawing nobody expected
One of my friends on Discord suggested Egg Dio as one of the random concepts I draw, cause I draw a lot of silly and random things....  You've yet to see radtacular 80s peridot, but you'll see her soon enough.

Literally, just "You draw a lot of stuff, but what about Egg Dio?" and the first thing that came to mind was Dio dressed as Sonic Boom Eggman, and now we are here. 

By the way, I don't take requests anymore, but I do draw things if I find the concept something I wanna draw. 

Happy new year!!!! First post of the year is this!!! Yay

Sega... and........ I don't actually know who does Jojo? David pro??? Rocky? I have no idea but I'm in the middle of part 3


LillyGeneva's Profile Picture
Just call me Lilly, m'kay?
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I know it's been like 3 months since I've posted art or anything on here, but I can explain!!! School started in September, and during the summer I was helping my father work on a house, and that took a lot of time, and I ended up using my free time to hang out with friends, or play games, and draw, or other misc. things. 

I ended up forgetting to actually scan most of the pictures though, or I scanned them on another computer, and... well... The computer I WAS using refuses to get online now, so that's fantastic!!! cause I have a ton of drawings on there I can put here, but now I can't... cause internet... However, I'll get as much as I can on to an external drive, and hopefully I can post again. The computer I'm currently using admittedly isn't the best, but it gets the job done, so hopefully I can get some art up here!!! I have a cool centaur I drew that I have on here, and I'm debating if I should put the sketch first, and then the colored version I wanna make, or wait until I do color it in? 

Also, I'm an indecisive lil' thing, so that also contributes to my lack of content.

Figuring out if I actually wanna  do something???? hooo boy, that skill is beyond me!!!!

On the bright side, since school started, I've done a bunch of work!! I'm ahead on most of the regular lessons, however the projects are pretty difficult, however I usually save them for the weekend so I can hopefully get them done all in one go. 

I even did some commissions for some games on steam, however I just... Forgot to post them anywhere, but they did get the art, and the deal was done!! I sent it to them directly before the computer died on me. They're also on that dead computer, so whenever I recover those I'll post them publicly.

I'll see what I can post here as of right now, cause I feel really bad for not putting up anything for such a long time...
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